Weekly Bulletin September 20, 2017

Official Minutes of a weekly Kiwanis Club of the Stroudsburg’s, at Sycamore Grill. The weekly meeting was called to order by Michele Gallagher.

Pledge of Allegiance was said, God Bless America were sung. Wess said the opening prayer.

Guest Speaker and Visitors: Dr. Luis Cervantes Neurosurgeon at Lehigh Valley Pocono

Program: Dr. Luis Cervantes was hired at Lehigh Valley Pocono to build a Neurosurgery Center. He realized he wanted to be a doctor like his father and he watched a surgery on a brain and knew that is what he wanted to do. He grew up in a hospital that his father helped build into a 1200 bed hospital in Mexico. He explained that back pain is the leading cause of injury of people over 40 years old. A very informative program.


Greeters: Judith and Dan

Next Week Greeters: Brett and Jack

Next Week Prayer: Brett

Announcements: Sign up for cooking and serving of meals for the Bridges Getting Ahead Program. October 18th and January 31st. We need a group to cook and a group to serve. Rose sale is underway. Deadline is September 24th. Orders need to be in by Friday to Phil and Ed. Delivery October 19th.

Events: Pancake Day is November 4th. Tickets are here they will be distributed. We will be handing out invitations for our New Member Social on November 8th at Water Gap Country Club. More details to follow.

October 4th: Eugene to present one final time on the October 18 MET broadcast of The Magic Flute. Again, this will not focus as much on opera, as it will on the composer Mozart and freemasonry which is integral to the understanding of this opera.

Fining was done by Dan, everyone is happy for the nice weather and our program.

50/50 was drawn. Lou won but donated it back.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm.